F22 following me for no reason in Training Server

Device:iPad 8
Operating system: iPad OS
There is a F22 following me for no reason when I’m cruising in the route LEPA to LSZH, the callsign is F-GRTC
Didn’t get his/her user ID


@zhuTwentySix, I’m sorry that you are dealing with an unwanted fighter jet. A likely reason for the fighter following you is because that user wanted to give an escort. That tends to be common when staff and mods fly. Personally, I think it is pretty cool as long as they don’t fly into me, but I can see it being annoying as well.

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As long as they don’t fly into you, it’s considered acceptable to simply follow another aircraft.

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got you, thanks

You should be honoured that you are lucky enough to get an escort! Only holy people get that!!


Yeah, maybe I should change my view

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