F22 callsign

Hey !
I’m looking to chill out with the F22 over different places on multiplayer but Idk which callsign I’ll have to use… Airforce ? RAFs ?..
Can somebody tell me ?

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Hey! You can use whichever one you’d like! The US Air Force flys the F22 so that callsign would be a good bet. You can use other military callsigns or just pick a GA callsign. Your pick!

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Well it depends who you want to fly for

Air Force, RAF, Navy etc.

There are many options! Personally, don’t take my advice too seriously because I’m by no means an expert on military stuff, I’d just pick a GA callsign and do USAF____.

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Fighter jets don’t usually use the Air Force callsign. They wear callsigns like RAPTOR04, VIPER06, etc, etc.


Lol, like I said. I’m terrible with military stuff so please take it from @Altaria55.

Here’s every known callsign on the radio. You’ll find F-22s on here. As far as I can remember, I saw “COBRA” and “EAGLE” for some of Langley’s Raptors, but I think there’s a lot more


Additionally, I’d you’d like RAPTOR or another callsign to sound like it looks (i.e. “raptor” instead of “Romeo alpha papa tango Oscar Romeo”), check out this thread below:

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Oh wow nice

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