F22 Becomes Uncontrollable with Little Crosswind

This is what happens when landing the F22 with a little crosswind.

I’ve been using this aircraft for patterns for quite a lot time, landings with no wind are all perfect.


Yeah it sucks that the F-22 tends to go crazy in any crosswind. Makes it a challenging flight but I enjoy a challenge :)


Put some rudder into it and tip the wing into the wind.

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Landing with strong winds is too difficult.

Rip, Laurens. First time I have seen you crash. I notice a lot of aircraft get messed up in winds as well.


Not a crash actually, just a landing gear collapse :/
Very annoying…

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What was the wind speed?

9kts it’s in the bottom right corner

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I have been able to land in a crosswind, but 90% are crashes… The f-22 is just really hard to land? Is it like that in real life or is it just IF?

You need to land it the correct way. Please learn to land it correctly.

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Maybe it was the narrow undercarriage. You´ll have to work more when landing an aircraft like those. Ask the Bf 109 pilots.

My issue is that the gear “collapses” or in IF falls through the ground. I don’t even land that hard, and other planes can handle it but not the f-22.

the f22 is uncontrollable just in general. Gotta treat it like a passenger jet, any sudden movements it evolves into saucer

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So true. AKA “the flying saucer”. Just as Gunjan said, just make very steady movements.

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You have to add speed and reduce flaps for a crosswind landing. Try landing around 125kts with flaps 10. And use that rudder. I never land the F22 with full flaps unless I have a stiff headwind.

Yeah just like that moment when you pass 1251knts.