F22 aficionados

I believe that the F22 is the most difficult fighter to land properly in most venues…so how about some of you experienced pilots and or fanatics of it out there…posting some final approach and landing tips…and oh yeah…it can also be tricky on takeoff at times !!!

Well for starters, this is for those speed demons out there:

If you gun the throttles on your F-22s and try to reach max speed at a low altitude, your plane will start erratically shaking in the air. If you want to go real fast, try and go only to 1,100-1,200 kts. at around 100 ft. Really crazy time trying to control an F-22 at 1,300+ kts.

Long live the DC-9!

@Recxx … Never understood why the 22 was added to the inventory. Even thought a few squadrons are operational it appears from news reports that they spend more time in the hanger than in the air. I believe it’s still a Test Bed. From my quick look it appears the 22 performance data is classified and what’s published is by guess by god. If somebody has done the research pls post the speed gates? The IF Bird aerodynamics I believe came from published I guess data. Granted it’s a rocket ship when I flew it a couple of times I was immediately in coffin corner. So I Approch it gently. It’s not a “Dog Fighter”, it’s a stand off shooter an “Intercepter” keep that in mind. Max Sends
(PS: those vectoring nozzles on the blower end must be consider for take off /landing. Work them on the ground & Watch)

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