F18 Hype Edit

Hey everyone! Been a long time since i was last active, however, I am back now! Please enjoy these Photos & Video Edit of the fantastic F/A - 18E Super Hornet. If you have any inquiries or want to collab for a shoot - feel free to message me on this IFC :)

I’m open to ideas & feedback! I am colourblind (Protonopia), and I do find it difficult to color correct & edit my images. However, I have never let my vision stop me !!

EGLL - Training Server - 06/07/2023 0120AEST

(Screenshot from the video)

^ Please check it out, It means a lot :)

With its sleek contours and formidable presence, the F-18 commands attention wherever it goes…


Wonderful video! Great job editing! You have a new subscriber :)


Nice shots! I would love to do a flight with you sometime 😃

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Danger zone plays

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Nicely done! Fun shots though

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Thanks mate!
I’m glad you liked it :)

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Thanks :)

My discord is “vL Robbyy#3960”
I’ve got a few ideas in mind for a group flight!

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I’ve sent you a friend request as well, have been doing some of work about the pictures in Infinite Flight and I’m absolutely sure that we can do a great job together.

I’ll give you some links which you can see some of my pictures and tell me if you like it!