F18 arrestor hook not showing in replays

I have been trying out the aircraft carrier landings but the arrest or hook has not been showing up. Any way I can fix this and does anyone have this problem too?

Also, what does calibration do? (Side note)



Yea me too I have the same question

Hi i believe this issue is the same as why the jetbridges won’t connect. I believe the devs are finding a way to solve this problem

It would be nice if we could also see the arrestor cable so we could know if we caught the 3 string, etc

Sorry what does this mean?

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Either in replays or in-game

If you check the replay, you will find that the jetbridges won’t connect as you did before while playing the fs

Oh, ok (10)

I’ll give an answer to that:

Calibrating will reset your device’s gyroscope, which is useful when you change the way you’re holding your device.

Oh ok, does it make a difference? Because I heard that it affects your yoke or something

It does affect your yoke.

It will reset your yoke to neutral, from the position you calibrated.


Thanks for the quick response

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The hook not moving in Replay is by design for now.

Ok, its nothing critical but if something could be done that would be appreciated

Hopefully in the future all animations will be available in replay as well, but for now they are not and it is by design. :)