F16 Wheel Raised

I was in casual in a F16 when I saw this.

The wheel is magically levitating. Is this a bug or something that needs to be fixed down the road? There isn’t another post about this as far as I’m aware.
Other info:
Apple, iPad, version 13.5.1
No device modifications.
Tried restarting and reinstalling the app with no success.

I think this is a known issue. This happens with me as well on my iPad.

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You too? Has anything worked?

No, it’s just a small bug. That’s all

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It’s also an issue on the Citation X. Since they’re old models, issues like these will have to be fixed in a rework to my understanding.


I can’t wait for some Fighters to get reworked 😁

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Looks like we’ll have to wait for a while before this is fixed, hopefully they can fix it when fighters are reworked. I’ll flag this for closure tomorrow if anybody else wants to input.

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Yes! It will be awesome when they get a rework!

It’s the same for the C-17 and a couple other aircraft i believe :)

Vote for a rework 😎