F16 Thunderbird and F18 Blue Angel crash

F16 Thunderbird went down in Colorado and the F18 Blue Angel crashed in Tennesse. It looks like the F18 pilot was killed.


It’s confirmed…

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Does anyone know which one it was?

My dad may have met the same pilot four days ago…

Edit: He did meet him…

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Very sad. My favorite airshow team, losing a pilot, it’s very saddening.


Ugh why must horrible things happen to such great people… RIP to the pilot. Very saddening to see a talented person die this way


That one was a midair collision. Not every crash is a terrorist attack.

Sam, this isn’t an attack. Remember accidents happen. Now if it is one, why would they be going after non hostile targets (unarmed, airshow teams?) it’s unreasonable…,

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These are very old aircraft, flown very hard almost daily.

They have armed security around the jets and the fuel pumped into the jets are checked so it’s very very unlikely.

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