F16 keep following around

is there anyway you can get rid of those annoying f16’s following you the entire time lol. i thought expert server wasn’t like that

If it’s outside of IFATC coverage, unfortunately not.

I ve been flying since 2016 on the expert server and i ve literally never been followed by a fighter. Like not even once. Hearing all these people getting annoyed makes me a bit jealous


well lucky you, i’m on approach into KMIA and this kid has been following me since Orlando lol

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Maybe it’s just your lucky day! 👨‍✈️
Never get that :(

MaxSez: A “Split S” in most IF uncontrolled airspace, in most IF inventory airframe works for me!
(Most Fighter Jocks encountered here are nuggets. A little ACM or nap of the earth routine will make a believer of them thus a quick break off or strike)


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