F16 Grand Canyon magic

F16 formation practice over the Grand Canyon followed by a quick refuelling and heading back to base to have brunch




which one is you’re favourite ?

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
  • Photo 6

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Number 5 Is amazing…!
Good job dude.


Thanks. Pretty much hand flying with little autopilot for just over 1hour 😅

Serious, I’m in love with that photo…
How have you take it?
It’s really amazing!
Keep the good job…

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I think it’s that Beaty of wing flex 😉

Nice shots ;)

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#4 is probably the best

Your welcome for the Refuel. 😇😌

Cheers Freddie 😉

Those are awsome I wish i could fly the fighters but im absolute garbage with them lol

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Just practice! That’s the key to life

Lol right but everytime I try to practice I end up on the ground in a very unprofessional manner lol

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Can be a little tricky…but keep practising

Nice pictures! I was flying the f-22 inside of the Grand Canyon. But, every time I would try to move, I would have to wait like 3 seconds, then it would over turn. I crashed :(


Some amazing shots there George! Photo 4 looks wonderful.

cheers buddy! appreciate it!

You are correct indeed!