F16 "Generic"

Hey there,
like for the F14, I would love to see a “generic” F16 without weapons under the wings.

credit : http://www.f-16.net/g3/var/resizes/f-16-photos/album37/album46/abf.jpg?m=1370457892

It would be nice to have this in Infinite flight Since we need more fighter jets.

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That would be cool without having all the fuel tanks and missiles.

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Yeah. Would look so sleeker that way. And could be used for live airshows more realistically.


Oh my!!! Very nice request.

Good point. The heavy equipment sometimes also kind of makes her feel heavy. The airshow thingy is also a good aspect.

What’s the point of a fighter jet with no guns? ;)


The arguments above. You may be surprised how many military aircraft exist that dont carry weapons sometimes :p