F14 Tomcat Intercept | A321/F14 Formation

First of all, I want to give a huge shoutout to @Commander_kiwi in the Finnair for being a good sport on the Expert server with me, allowing me to fly with them!

What do you guys think of these shots? Let me know in the comments… don’t forget to drop a like!


Um… are we in restricted airspace?

(At this point, ATC was screaming a traffic alert at me and told me to do a 360… fiiine)

Captain of the Finnair, TOTALLY unphased.

Probably my favorite photo of the shoot… ^

Coming in for landing!

Giving way to my formation flying partner before a short taxi to the ramp.

Thank you again, @Commander_kiwi!


Was @Commander_kiwi the controller?

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beautiful shots! I think the Tomcat is one of IFs most underrated aircraft


He was the Finnair. :)

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Am i being pulled over?

Was definitely a highlight of the flight ;)

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Ha! I need red and blue lights on my Tomcat…

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“Do you know how fast you were going back there?”

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"i was only 5 over 250 under 10,000, nothing big right?’’ lol

“Erm, Sir, did you forget to turn on your landing lights?”

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It is unacceptable. I will write you off with a ticket

It always fun watching escorts. It just goes to show how immature we all are 😂

Wow how you didn’t get ghosted I have no idea lmao

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