F14 Stall

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I was approaching KLAX on Playground and than …

P.s sorry for Bad quality and small frame i was Flying on live and havn’t much time
Device: Cubot x11

Max Sez… It’s not a bug son! You’ve over stressed the airframe. It’s called “Going Balistic”. EZ to recover if you have the “Right Stuff”. Just follow “Stall Recovery Procedures” which ever real aviator practices periodically!

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But my airspeed was over 205 kts

What was your IAS when it started?

Max Sez… Of course it was! Elementary my dear @niclasdoege

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C.a 210 kts
And it suddenly happen in the moment in which i set the flaps to 0degrees in Stall it would just Fall down but here it turns like 1000 degrees a second

Yeah at 210 IAS the spin shouldn’t look like that.

Max Sez… Look at the plane form son. Your still in delta. On Approach and Launch the 14’s wing must be extended. Check the POH. No lift due to lack of wing surface exposure. Think about the airflow/airfoil dynamics.

(On second though, at your alt, speed and wing configuration its unrecoverable. Your Dead!)


I know i just set them to 0degrees because i took of from kcpm really near KLAX and was between takeoff and approach

This is pretty known to happen on fighters… Coding the physics for fighters is really difficult. Not to mention the complexity of the physics anyway…


Thank s for the reply. Or maybe i have been hit by a invisible S.A.M (that was a joke : ) )(in unrealistic simulators it looks a little bit like this when you have been hitted by S.A.M)


Max Chg the cat to General it’s not a bug or a support item. it fits Best in General.
Go ahead Peanut change it back…

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But i was Flying with the same airspeed and flaps and than suddenly without any announcement this happen it started so fast Stalling

it happened to me for 3 or 2 times…wish i recorded it…have a ios device