F14 or F22?

Hi guys, I’m considering getting a fighter in Infinite Flight, either the F14 or the F22. I was wondering what you people who have both, like more. Please tell me which is easier to fly and if you can, show me some pictures of the inside and outside, thanks:-)

The F22 is definitely the most difficult to fly. Stand by for pictures.

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I don’t have the F14 so I can’t provide pics for that. The F22 is hard to master, but is really fun once you get the hang of it :)


Really? I’m used to it, the only thing is I don’t land fighters, if I do they crash

Well duh your flying at 1300kts at 100ft. At that speed IRL the aircraft would break up.

lol I was just testing the limits but it’s super hard to master that landing.

Welp it takes a while to get used to landing it.

Hi, try the F-14, its awesome also make sure to do some carrier training scenario at KNXX

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Lol, I can only speak for the F-16C.

Can you please show me some pictures.

Definitely go for the f-14. It’s my go to fighter. It’s so stable in all phases of flight. I love that bird

Can you show me some pictures please?

Where? What region?

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I’m not on my tablet. Let me check tho. Also the f-14 has more livery’s(armament layouts)

I don’t care what region, just show me some pictures of the inside and outside please:-)

Wasn’t asking you about the region. Someone above, Sam, talked about knxx but I csnt find it in infinate flight. And im not on my tablet. So I don’t have pictures. Just search f-14 on this forum and you’ll probably find some

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Well which one could you fly to danger zone? Buy that one

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Sorry, I don’t have any interior pics rn. The F-14 is my favorite fighter overall, very maneuverable yet stable. Also, swing wings are awesome.


Thanks a lot!

I have both and I say go with the F-14. Its easier to fly and land for me, and I love the wings movement.