F14 never exceed speed

Hi guys, I was just wondering whag the never exceed speed is for planes like the f14. On the airspeed portion of the hud i see a thin red line over roughly 500 KIAS but when i exceed that i dont get a warning for overspeeding the aircraft. So just double checking if this is the never exceed line on fighter jets?

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The line is just there for reference if you want o be professional. The fighter jets do not give you violations for speed in the air but a good rule of thumb is to fly 250 in an active airspace at most or when your talking to ATC.

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There are no speed limits on fighters. HOWEVER! If you are playing on expert sever and are flying faster than 250 or doing acrobatic maneuvers around an active airport, you will be ghosted. So be professional when flying around others.

Generally 250 under 10000 feet. But go have fun!

Welcome to the community by the way too!! Hope to see you up there in the skies, I personally love flying the F-14.

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Welcome to the community !!

The fighter jets don’t have a speed limiter but when in an air space under 10,000 ft try not to go supersonic just to keep it more legit especially in expert server because it would most likely get you ghosted.

I really appreciate everyones comments and the welcome to the community. Everything has been taken on board. So in real life i see that the f14 can get to roughly a top speed of around 2400km/hr. Would this mean in real life they would have to exceed 500KIAS at a certain safe altitude to reach that speed (Mach 2.34)? And just to clarify does anyone know the vertical and horizontal limits you have to be away from an airport before you can perform aerobativs without viloations? Your answers are very appreciated.

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As mentioned above, there are no hard limits imposed for fast jets, however a soft limit of 300-ish applies on Expert in airspace controlled by IFATC.

If you want to be realistic, supersonic flight is usually not permitted over land except in emergencies.

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