F14 instablity

Can anyone explain why the f14 is very unstable and shaky on the pitch axis at high speeds even with autopilot ? I’d provide a video but I don’t have a YouTube
It is very inconsistent but every couple minutes it just goes crazy only on pitch axis?

usually when any fighter hits 800 IAS they tend to get unstable which is normal due to the amount of high speed the aircraft is going

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For me it is only the f14

The AP on all kets is verry unstable, especially on the F16, this is a known issue with the AP, eaven with out they have been unstable at high speed, especialy becuais unlike airliners thay are able to get above their max speed

Most of our fighter jets are older, and don’t have as great of physics.

@Lamborghini_Husky… MaxSez: I know the RW F-14 well. The If Model has excellant Physics. What your experience when you loose stability at high Mach numbers, Hard maneuvering & Wing fold is called “going ballistic” a natural anomaly in the airframe design. Watch the film the Right Stuff, an excellant example of the “Going Ballistic” anomaly is depicted and explained in the 1v1 dissimilar ACM footage around Yuma and the Chocolet Mountain Ranges. Just Sayin…l