F14 Flight controls

Hello guys, I would like to ask about how to fly the F14 properly, I flew it just now and found it extremely unstable, the nose kept moving up and down during takeoff and landing. For your reference weight was balanced, I already controlled as slightly as I could.

Would love to hear an answer from you :D

Sounds like you were going extremely fast? I’ve only seen that happen when you do.

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Hey, that’s was during TO/LDG :D

I just gave it a go and no issues here :) All stable at least up until Mach 1.70.

Took off with Flaps 10.

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Fighter jets need a rework

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Oh man I think that’s why, I didn’t use flaps because I thought they were fast enough to TO without flaps 😑😑😑

I don’t think that’s it though. Unless you were going really slow and in autopilot? That would perhaps cause the AP to have trouble maintaining the speed & altitude.

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Well well I will give it a try again later, thanks for your information :D

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