F14 & F22 Pointers

I commonly use either the f14 or the f22. Now i have a couple of issues. The jets are quite difficult to maintain 250knots below fl100 which can result in violations but too slow and the f22 has a habit of flat spinning. Any tips? Also, slowing down before a landing is a problem. I usually fly from KLAX to KNUC (south California), starting with a steep climb and a 800knot cruise at fl400. The descent can be quite difficult to maintain without increasing speed too much, and the f14 has a habit of stalling or traveling faster than the ATC limit due to the over responsive engines. Any more tips? I would really appreciate first hand experience tips and maybe a formation flight with any of the jets would be beneficial.


Make sure that you have your wings spread in the Tomcat for better lift. Don’t knot about the F-22 though.

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Regular tomcat Pilot here. Make sure you don’t retract your wings below 250 knots for better control. Also, don’t go full throttle on take off unless it’s necessary because it make sit easy to keep under 250 knots


@Kirito_77. … MaxSez: The F-14 is a lady, it was designed as a missile/gun platform and was the Navy replacement for the F-4 for carrier ops. It’s a true "Fighter.
Insure you keep wings extendated below 190IAS during Launch & Recovery.
Landing speed 125IAS, Speed Brake Extended, Flaps Full. Wing Fold at altitude or menuvering at or above cruise.
For landing, best recovery technique, spiral down with spoiler on flight, extend wing, set flap 1 and continue to increase on Approach, Full Flap/Speed Brake to flight to slow, Full on final.
This aircraft will go ballistic at or above M1.3 if you abused it.
The IF F-22’s RW performance characteristics are not published. It’s a flyby wire over the Horizon missile platform, it is not a fighter! Keep that in mind. See Tutorials for best practices (speeds/flaps) developed via experimentation by IF Regulars. I think it’s a dog and worthless for ACM which it was not designed for. Best IF “Fighter” in my opinion is the F/A-18. (Am sure my comments wii draw fly’s, don’t bother, Opinions are like etc…)


The Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor is a high speed, supermaneuverable combat aircraft designed from the ground up for stealthy aggression and when needed superior close-in combat capabilities. The 2D thrust vector is usually what does most IF players in, as it is has two +/- 20° vector nozzles directing over 35,000 (full burner) pounds of thrust in any two dimensional direction you’d like. It having inherently relaxed stability (as is standard on all mid 4th gen and beyond fighters) makes it even more maneuverable, and therefore that much harder for inexperienced pilots to fly. The best advice to give is that you should take it easy with the joystick movements, because IIRC the Raptor has greater-than-1 input controls (if you move the joystick 1°, the aircraft moves more than 1° in the direction you wanted it to go). Combine that with gentle throttle inputs (The F-22 has supercruise at high altitude, and can quickly accelerate at lower ones) to make for enjoyable flight time with the premier 5th gen fighter on the planet as of today.

When landing I’d recommend not going over 35~ percent N1, as any more will rocket you forward suddenly, and don’t forget that you have thrust vectoring…which technically allows you to defy the laws of aerodynamics a fair bit, especially when moving at slow speeds (look at the real life F-22 demo team and Team Raptor from AeroSync for example). Good luck with flying!


Must be a really long descent


After sufficient aviating experience with the fighter class… you will learn how to almost instinctively match your throttle speed with your angle of attack and other parameters as a prerequisite in adapting Bernoulli’s Principle as applied to aviation…which will serve to ultimately alleviate most of your control difficulties…

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my a380 like stalls because of the speed vilation below fl100 and because its heavy, bye, crash

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Then according to you thousands of people should be dying each day due to the A380 not being to maintain flight below 10k feet.

Exactly when are you having this problem? Decent, approach, final? I have a feeling that you’re just letting the speed decay too much and at high weights and low altitudes you can’t get out of a stall easily. Tell me more, maybe we can help!

The way to play fighters is different from the commercial aircraft. Due to their small size and high T/W ratio, the airplane is much more reactive to throttle inputs than large airliners, where you can count seconds before any throttle input starts to take effect. I’d recommend being more gentle with the throttle and also slowing down earlier to not have so much speed on final. If you do find yourself having too much speed, a few hard 360s will solve this problem, as well as being able to bleed off height for the landing.

As said above, the F-22 is special in that it has thrust vectoring. This can be useful in situations where you really need a hard turn quickly and the thrust spins you around. Having flown both though, the F-22 definitely takes getting used to due to the “interesting” flying charactistics. Do go watch the AeroSync video tutorials on the F-14/22, they do talk about how to control the plane.

When are you free? Maybe one of these days we can do a flight together and I’ll tell you what needs improving.


Thanks as a massive f14 user this is a great help. I really appreciate it

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Jesus yes. Sometimes i just dive to fl100 then take 20nm to slow down

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The best pointers are here


Thank you for referring to that. On flying the F-14: this is probably the most stable of the jets in IF. As others have said, I recommend having the wings/flaps extended while maintaining slower speeds. On the F-22, I strongly advocate that you do not do any rapid pull-back maneuvers, as that is the most common way to enter a spin in the F-22 from my experience.

It is. Vertical speed of about 20,000 until fl100

I can do any evening after 500 GMT but if you tell me a time i can arrange otherwise. I am on the Amazon/android platform

Thanks for all the support guys. If anyone is up for an informal group flight then post in this chat when you are available and which aircraft you want to fly

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The best way to lose speed, is to bank sharply and then turn 360. You can go from 800 to 300knits with this

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Umm suggestion, set the a/P to manage speed OR LOWER THE AIRCRAFT WEIGHT.

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Also wondering about the f16. What is the ideal landing speed as quite often I’m too fast and it registered a crash. Help!!