F14 engine Start

The Grumann F14 is a twin engine jet. Unfortunately it has only one engine to start in IF.

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this isn’t really a support question, but needs to be fixed, don’t worry about it for now (if there isn’t a feature request than make one!) or vote for the feature

Ummmmm, he’s referencing the Engine Start current setup.


Its an issue none the less.

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Well, I personally think that it is a bug that needs to be fixed, not a new feature. Other aircraft with two engines have it, and it should be easy to fix this for the F14. No implementation programming needed like for a feature…

Thanx to the SW maintainer.

This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future release.



German: Hä?
Have you read what I wrote?

  1. only the latest IF Version have Engine start stop
  2. no, and it would not matter on the tarmac anyway
  3. simply NO, reinstallation is never the solution, it could only a workaround.
    4 wait…done. Nothing changed

Please stop dropping Textblöcke without reading the related post…

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Known issue, will be addressed in a future release.