F1 Weekend At Paul Ricard @ LFMQ - 211200ZJUN19

information: I’m an airport editor and i made this airport! I would like to see some planes at the airport!

Server: Exper Server

Airport: LFMQ

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: *This wekend is the F1 at Paul Ricard! I’m going To fly with a private plane. From EHAM to LFMQ you can join my flight or do a flight you want!
I start at EHAM at Apron K 👇🏻

I think i’m going to do Some more flights. I will say that in this topic! feel free to join

Let me know if you want to join.

Your title says that it starts at LFMQ but your description says it starts at EHAM. Which is it? And where are the gates?

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You have to know that where your event end that you have to motiveren that in the titel. It starts at EHAM
And we start at Apron K
And ends at LFMQ and go to a stand where you want

You should change the airport in the title to EHAM. And make a list of the K gates so people know when they are full.

That is an flyout event…

All events should have gates so people know when there are no gates left, whether it’s a flyout or a group flight. And please change the airport in the title to @ EHAM.

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This is an event for flying to LFMQ and i fly from EHAM to LFMQ. I also Said that you can do a route you want

So is this a flyin?

Yes. This event is for LFMQ because this wekend is the F1. And all special quest have to go by private plane to the circuit.

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I get it now. I apologize.

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I Will spawn over 40 minutes! I hope to see Some planes at LFMQ!

I had no idea there was an airport right next to the track! Unfortunately I can’t come, but I’ll be watching the race for sure…

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Tomorrow I will land there. I will leave at 0500z from LLBG to use the last moments of FNF to watch qualyfing and race 😁

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Changed the title due to it being incorrect.

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This is actually a flyin at the other airport

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