F1 Event: IFLP

FORMULA 1 EVENT - Infinite Flight Latin Pilots Group

Photo 1: Take off from John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York.

Photo 2: Level 45,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo 3: Final Approach Runway 24 of Shannon, Ireland for a small Technical Stopover.

Photo 4: Taxiing “Checo” Pérez’s Private Jet to a remote position in Shannon.

Photo 5: Take-off from runway 24 to Abu Dhabi.

Photo 6: 43,000 feet above Austrian Airspace.

Photo 7: Close to the descent over Abu Dhabi with some islands of the United Arab Emirates in the background.

Photo 8: Final Approach Runway 31L at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Photo 9: VistaJet taxiing to a remote position after landing.

Photo 10: Challenger 350 from VistaJet, Boeing 777F from DHL and Challenger 350 from “Checo” parked in position.

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That’s a good pic, looks like a stereotypical landing pic!


thx my friend!

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Nice shots!

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ohhhh yes guys

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Absolutely gorgeous