F1 Cars To The Food Capital [Abu Dhabi - Delhi]

F1 Cars To The Food Capital

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new video after nearly 2 months. This time, I flew from Abu Dhabi - Delhi with @PocketRishi & @Jabs_Raf. As my first 777 flight after the 20.2 rework, I’m quite late (but I had real life commitments). Anyhow, this is the first video in a series of videos that will be releasing soon (huge backlog!!!)

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 3h 30m
Route: AUH-DEL (Abu Dhabi - Delhi)

Please click on the link to watch!

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 6.34.41 PM


Great video Ran! Loved the music choice. A little high on approach, but really well made video. Hope to see more soon!

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Thank you @Pilot_Felix! I was definitely a bit high on approach, but made it down safe & sound. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Guys, give this some love. This took many hours to make. I have tried these and they take me around 7 hours per video. This deserves way more attention.

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That was a nice video. How do you do that part in the beginning though, where the route is shown?

Like this?

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Thank you Pilot_Felix & Leron_Gundlur!

@Leron_Gundlur, I used iMovie on a macbook for that :)

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Definitely your best work yet ran! I look forward to seeing SFO-BLR


Nice work! Love the edits but that approach tho, what happened there?

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Thanks Vishark! I was just a bit too high on approach while coming in due to a few concerns with visibility, but I made the decision to land and sure enough, saw the runway on short final

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