F-OLRB Air Austral B788, Volcano livery

Air Austral is a French Airline based in the Indian Ocean. All of their planes have unique pictures on the tails of landscapes.
This one is especially beautiful,


I believe that this plane will have every pilot flying it. From the beautiful liveries to the stunning plane. Hope to see this in the IF skies!!!

Come on y’all let’s get some votes!!! Only if you like it ofc

Although I like the livery, I’m a little hesitant in voting. I think we’ve got enough long haul aircraft in Air Austral’s fleet in IF. Heck, we’ve got the A380. So for that, I personally wouldn’t go for it and go for the 737.

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Like Tsumia, I like the livery but I think I’d prefer to have an Air Austral B737.

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