F. Javier Martinez

Hey mate, I was taxing to runway 4L, ground control should have gave me way and told the aircraft that was pushing back to hold position! I get ghosted for this come on! It’s my second day on expert server, I was in contact with tower the whole time! Why did you ghost me? The moment I sent out to tower requesting take off you then ghosted me! I know things gets hairy some times but I mean like it’s my second day on expert server and you ghosted me hahaha! I understand your POV but I do believe this was a mix up! Also my sub is finishing in 2 more weeks then I won’t play for a long time because I work at sea, I’m a third officer at the merchant navy so I don’t get a lot of play time. I only fly at expert server so can we resolve that report? Let’s not deny that it was a little bit of a mix up?

You should contact tower when you are closer to line up. Not at the beginning of taxiway.

Please take this up in a DM with the controller @F_Javier_Martinez

I’ll put you in a pm with him as you’re not able to contact him yet.

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Can’t message him, not enough trust!

I was! There was an A330 air canada informant of me lining up for takeoff, I was right behind him…

Sweet cheers mate! Appreciate all the help!

Thanks to those helping get a PM set up.