F/A-18E VX-9 “Vampires” Livery


About VX-9

VX-9 is a US Navy air and test evaluation squadron based out NAWS China Lake in California. The job of VX-9 is to test all air-to-ground weapons, air-to-air weapons, sensors, electronic warfare systems and mission software upgrades to aircraft and weapon systems.

About the F/A-18E

The F/A-18E is a single seat, multi role, carrier based aircraft operated mainly by the US Navy.
It was first flight was in 1995 and over 608+ have been produced. It’s a upgraded version of the F/A-18C/D model of the aircraft.

Nice request for a iconic squad


I never voted so fast in my life. I love VX-9 I see them about once or twice a day.

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I guess I can take back my vote on this Confirmed livery. Sweet !!!

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