F/A-18E VFA-14 “Tophatters” Livery


About VFA-14

Strike Fighter Squadron 14 “Tophatters” are a naval fighter attack squadron operated by US Navy. They are based out of NAS Lemoore in California. They are also the oldest active squadron in the US Navy!

About the F/A-18E

The F/A-18E is a single seat, multi role, carrier based aircraft operated mainly by the US Navy.
It was first flight was in 1995 and over 608+ have been produced. It’s based off the older C/D models of the F/A-18

I love this but am out of votes:( This has my support though(That’s one fast hat!)


I was able to free up a vote!

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This is a beautiful picture hope to remake it soon in IF


Classy plane needs to be added


This was certainly a must! The VFA-14 Tophatters will join our Super Hornet lineup along with others that we can’t wait to share. Thanks for your votes!

Development Note:
The F/A-18E and it’s liveries are still a WIP. Direct comparisons such as the one above are common practice in the beta phase. This helps us note any errors and resolve them quickly. Notably, the red lines on the top of the fuselage and NG text have slight differences from the real life aircraft. Our work continues!


Looks amazing love how the work is coming along

Awesome looks amazing I can’t wait for this TROLLING machine

do the ailerons go down with the flaps or do they stay up like shown in the bottom image?


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