F/A-18E Top Gun Maverick Livery

                          F-18E Top Gun Maverick Livery

The upcoming film Top Gun Maverick features an F/A-18E flown by Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Photo credit - Sean Jensen

The livery features many times in the trailer and you can see the 3 kill marks just behind the cockpit, the kill marks being MiG-28s (F-5E) from the previous movie.

Fun Fact: There were actually three Super Hornets painted in the livery for filming. Two of them were the E variant and one was the F model. Presumably the F was used so they could film the actors in the back seat.

Now concerns have been raised about copyright and issues with paramount, but I haven’t heard anything from the devs about this particular livery. If it’s confirmed that IF can’t add the livery then feel free to close the topic.

This behind the scenes clip is great, you’ll see the F-18E and F in the livery.

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inhale exhale


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I’d be surprised if copyright was not an issue but that would be sick.


From what I have seen mostly copyright issues have been with Disney and the Star Wars liveries, but I’m not a legal expert. Will have to wait and see…

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