F/A-18E Super Hornet Tanker

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The image speaks for itself. An F-18 tanker variant to refuel F-18s would be a nice feature to add.

In the future with additions of more probe and drogue system capable aircraft, the F18E Super Hornet tanker will be available available to answer the call.

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For the purpose of context, the F18 E Super Hornet majority of times is equipped with 5 external fuel tanks, sometimes 3 external tanks, and sometimes just 1 external tank. The center tank houses the basket drogue system that allows receiver aircraft to make contact with the tanker aircraft and will always be present on the tanker aircraft.

ps I couldn’t find a topic on the tanker, redirect if made.

Great suggestion… would be nice to have this in the sim.


Awesome suggestion but as per the category rules you are only allowed one image on the main topic.
Would be awesome to see though

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I read the rules. I stated in the caption of the second picture, for context purposes which if I redirect to the rules is allowed. Cheers. 🤙


Unfortunately I am out of votes, but this is quite an interesting request!

Absolutely — would be a great addition and allow for additional missions. Seems like the only real issue would be coding and animating the drogue net… looks like there are no other real differences in aesthetics outside additional tanks. I would assume that the actual refueling code could be transferred from the KC-10, and would work the same where where you reach a certain area around the aircraft and refueling begins.

Maybe Tyler can help convince Laura that this is a pretty cool way to allow for AAR capabilities ;)
Would certainly make for some cool screenshots!!


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Can it use the fuel itself as well? Would be kind of a long range F/A-18 if that were the case.

Would likely operate the same as the KC-10 does, so I’d imagine not? (Meaning the KC-10 in-game doesn’t “know” it has extra fuel, it just has the ability to top off other tanks of fighters)

That’s what I am hoping for.

Yeah me too, would make it more useable.

I mean it has good range but if paired with a tanker, the range can be increased allowing people to fly further simulating deployments, missions, etc. This feature would also open the door to slapping on probe and drogue systems on the C-130, KC-10, KC-46 when those aircraft are reworked.

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It will open the door for other drogue system platforms like the KC-130, KC-10, etc.

In french we call them nanny

A must have for carriers ops and more!

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this would definitely be nice to have, especially since we have only 1 big slow lumbering tanker in the sim (no hate on the KC-10).


Check this video out. I feel like if the developers can master animated jet bridges they can master probe and drogue system aerial refueling.


Just voted for this, as it would provide a fun challenge, and realism :)


Definitely, it’ll open the doors to future aircraft that refuel off the basket and drogue system like the RAF C130.

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So sad we didn’t get this 5 fuel tank sick livery

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Same here. Oh wale. Maybe next century.