F/A 18 V and diamond flying Formation

hello and welcome to this topic hosted by @nowee_playzz! Today I saw blue angels flying in a diamond and v shape formation at Chicago. So what I wanted to do was have 5 f/a 18s . 1 ATC.@infiniteflight_bali 1 beach and one airport. This will take place at Chicago’s montrose and north central beaches. These 5 f/a 18s will take off from Gary /CHI. international airport* **training sever

We will head north and make a loop around downtown

Come back. Climb to 3,600. Drop down to Montrose to make a low pass.
People can spawn in Cessnas or any aircraft from another airport and go

1 hr and 0mmin will have diamond shape

55mins and 30 sec will have v shape with only 3 aircraft. 2 will land back at Gary till show is over.

to free camera to watch. Either go on northern central beach . Wacthin at the harbor of Montrose. Try to get right under the aircraft. Etc. This will go on for 2 hours and take breaks on between. We will land back at Gary intl every time our fuel is low. 1 hr and 0 mins of flight time at Montrose. Land back at gary within 45 mins after takeoff for refuel. take off at Gary on take way sign 30-12 or runway 30 at Gary intl.

This is to celebrate 22.6 and to respect infinite flights hard work on there EMB jets so far. Aug 27 3:00pm to 6:00 pm.

Montrose / north avenue


Hello! This looks like a really awesome event, however this topic should be posted in the #live:events category. Since you aren’t at the TL2 level yet (which you need to be in order to post) you will need to keep being active on the community before you can get there.
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Best of luck!!


Hey as @The_Real_Plane_Spott mentioned, you are not the right TL to create an event. If you get a sufficient amount of people interested, contact them through a DM or via Instagram.

Cheers, Rye.