F/A-18 Super hornet animated Launch Bar/Arrestor hook

As we are for sure getting the F/A-18E super hornet, these are some ideas for what the devs can implement into the structure.

The arrestor hook is a reinforced bar that can be lowered from carrier aircraft to allow them to catch the wires running horizontally across the deck of a carrier for landing. We may not be getting actual carriers, but it would still be a cool feature.

“The launch bar is a unique device of carrier-based aircraft, which is connected to the nose gear and shuttle. In order to avoid the launch bar striking the flight deck after the launch bar pops out of the shuttle, it is very important to research the dynamics performance of the launch bar.”

(White bar attached to the catapult is the launch bar)



Saying as the launch bar is part of the nose wheel assembly it’s probably going to be added no matter what also the same with the tail hook as it’s part of the airframe


I agree, although my feature request, as the title suggests, is for them to be animated and put in the actions tab.

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I agree I think all airframes not sure on Kuwait have the arresting hook.

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