F/A-18 showing Blue Angels wrong livery

After the 22.6 update, I discovered that the F/A-18 when selecting the Blue Angels 1 livery, it shows the old model instead of the Blue Angels livery according to this image:

Device: iPad (6th Generation)
Operating system: iOS 15.6.1

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thats a weird glitch lol

Try clearing scenery cache, or restart IF/your device.

Could be wrong and I think I am but i see you are non-pro, once again could be wrong but I believe only the Infinite Flight livery is available for non pro. This is why it shows the old one.

Nope, there is a livery for non-pro but its not on the old hornet seems to be an actual bug.

I have cleared scenery cache and restarted my device, but it didn’t help.

That is not the point, the point is the old model for the F18 is showing up. The IF livery is a different one.

The dev team are aware of the issue. It’s a caching issue on the local device. It can’t be fix at the moment.

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