F/A 18 Rework

Which variant can accommodate a tanker version?

both variants are capable of air to air refueling if im not mistaken ;)

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I voted E cause it has tanker variant but I might aswell switch it to C.

Only the Super Hornet can do buddy refuelling.

Damn, I already switched to C. 😐

I would not expect the buddy refuelling to be an option in Infinite Flight as this is a capability used by squadrons operating from aircraft carriers, which are not available in IF.



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This would be a very nice livery to see along with the F/A-18 C.

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That’s a sick livery, makes me want the C even more with the amount of schemes that can be added.


Speaking of legacy, I just found this one soon-to-be-ex-legacy plane in Infinite Flight by one of our friend and even at the current state this beast still looks rad!

F18 really fast fly by - Infinite Flight short clip by @Aviation11

F18 really fast fly by - infinite flight #shorts - YouTube

That’s one incredible looking fly-by. Yall give that video a like!!

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⚠️ Airshow Matierial !


Let me attached here:


Simply Beautiful!

Slap some baskets on the C130 to make it available to refuel the F18.


Might I direct some of you to this feature request? It would certainly complement the upcoming F/A-18 rework, regardless of which variant you are currently supporting!

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I’d like to add on.

I’ve been advocating for the 767 rework. Take a look show support in support of the KC-46 capable of aerial refueling F18s.

A feature I think would be pretty cool to add with the F/A-18 rework, that could be later implemented to other fighters, is a black-out/red-out feature that can only be seen in the cockpit camera view when you’re hitting those Gs. Of course the intensity of the black-out/red-out will depend on how much Gs you’re pulling and it would be something you can have on or off. It’s probably not going happen since I’ve seen other topics talking about this or related to this, but it would be a nice touch.

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After last night’s fun flash flight to KDCA, this morning suddenly something came across my mind…

Can’t wait to join whatever exciting event coming our way with the premiere of the F/A-18, hosted by Dan on a Friday night! Yeah!

I just tried our existing legacy jet, not speeding up to FTL speed is hard and it’s just so agile at the same time, so staying calm behind the wheel’s gonna be a challenge for some, expect little to massive chaos on expert skies folks, GONNA BE GREAT! 🤣

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This livery is pretty nice. Hope to see the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force livery.

Looks like a screenshot from AC7