F/A 18 Rework

We need afterburners on the F-16,F-14 too and I will vote for this because I’m a massive fan of military aircraft in this game and it’s such a dissapointment that we don’t have a proper F-18!


Me too! Even though I love flying everything in IF, my heart is with the fighters. I’m happy to hear they will be getting some love. I think there are some feature requests for afterburners, which I think would be awesome as well (FDS, could you make this part of the F-18 rework down the road??? maybe).

I love that FDS always hears their community. If there’s fighter pilots, fans of High G flying or just hard core sim pilots…please come check out my feature request. I could use some support from the community, I wanted to hear from y’all. : )

I think a rework of the F/A 18 shouldn’t ony focus the exterior and interior model.

There are so many special features I’d love to see beeing added by FDS to the reworked F/A 18, like:

  • G-Force Effects
  • Afterburners
  • Improved Autopilot
  • Realistic and Working HUD in Cockpit View
  • Improved Lighting
  • Adjustable models (possibility to choose whether you want a plane to be armed or not armed)
  • Spoilers/Airbrakes which are fully useable

FDS should really take their time for this rework. There are so many amazing things they could do with that plane.


Nice challenge for the devs ;)


You are speaking my language. : ) you always had my vote for this one.

If we could also open/close the canopy and fold the wings

Yeah the rework could/will be amazing! All of the above features please FDS.

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A reworked F/A-18 would be brilliant. If not this plane, then either another fighter, like the Eurofighter Typhoon or a fast jet trainer, such as a Pilatus PC-21 or a BAe Hawk. Unless I’m missing something, this is the highest voted military feature request on the forum, so it’s got to be added soon.


I was about to say that! The if we can have an open/close feature for the canopy and folding wings!

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There is another issue with the F/A 18 in the game, the fuel barely lasts you 5 minutes in the sky it runs out so fast am I the only one encountering this?

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I basically never use the F/A-18, so I can’t tell for sure, but I have heard of weird fuel consumption glitches before with the aircraft.

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You didn’t mention the rafale 😒



Imagine if we are able to drop flares in this game, imagine it in the night setting ik it won’t happen any time soon at all but would certainly look amazing


Flates would be nice, along with variable geometry exhaust nozzles.


We should stop talking about other airplanes ;)


I don’t think so because it still runs out pretty fast

Absolutly not, it can fly 1 hour straight with no refuel.

Fuel consuption was set to approx. 40.000 T/hr

It’s now approx 5.5T/hr

Just don’t stay over 70% (throttle) the whole flight.

I can’t check prescisly now
sorry for my bad grammar

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Realisticly all the Fighters need remade, especialy how the AP feels a little slaped on after the fact, but all this work gota vote for it!


As cool as this would be, it would be the worst after just a few muinest, unfortunetly people cant be trusted to do this sort if a thing in the deasert ore somewhare like that, but they would go M2 by LAX dropping flares


Just beautiful


Beautiful isn’t enough strong right there ;)


I really hope the rework will include the different variants on this feature request. fingers crossed XD

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