F/A-18 Rework

Everybody here knows that the F-18 needs a rework.

  1. It doesn’t have reverse thrust IRL
  2. It needs animated parts
  3. We could use a better cockpit
  4. Afterburners :D
  5. Autopilot (this can set certain Mach, best speed, and best range for fuel economy when global comes out)
    It was the best photo I could find
    There was an old topic that was created in 2015 but never “took off” Sorry for that and is an old topic, so what do you guys think?

Closed the old topic.


you ask us what we think, yet your first few words are “Everybody here knows”… xD

Anyways, I think that a rework would be cool, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few GA come before that. Just my opinion.


Haha, I didn’t realize that

You should add more “Content” maybe a Picture something to that extent or add some cool information not just a list that bores People I mean it’s a cool idea
But I am with this idea first :) vv

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AutoPilot would be nice too! Good idea

Nice idea! I’ll add that

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