F/A-18 new sound pack

New Sounds for the F/A-18

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As we all know the F/A-18 will be reworked in the future, there is a feature I definitely want to have which is a new sound pack. To be honest, it doesn’t have to be the exact sound pack for the F/A-18 as it should rather be added to all fighter jets.

Here I have a short comparison for you: I hope the two videos are not a problem

Infinite Flight sound

Real life sound

In real life it sounds louder and more brutal in my opinion whereas in Infinite Flight it is like a commercial aircraft with wind blown out at the back.

What’s your opinion? Feel free to comment below!
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As far as I am aware of how IF-LLC works they will have new sounds anyway when they rework a legacy aircraft. This said I wouldn’t spent a rare vote for a feature that will come anyways…

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No it’s not. The A330 didn’t have a new soundpack. It’s due to some memory related problems I believe.

While new sounds is something they’d like to include, it’s not guaranteed for every new aircraft (A330, A330neo) as far as I’m aware.


If there is a issue with including sounds a feature request wouldn’t solve that issue. If there are no issues they will include as realistic sounds as possible. My two cents.

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I honestly think this is a good idea, we can’t be certain if the devs will add new sounds or not. They could just end up using the old ones, who knows. I’m gonna vote for this, it might be silly now but we need this in the game regardless.

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Thanks :) topic will stay open