F/A 18 Hornet wheels levitating in replay

Hello IFC

So I’m in the process of making a top-gun video, and I am using the F/A 18 as my primary jet because I don’t have pro. When I enter the replay, the wheels show up like this;

I have tried clearing scenery cache, restarting IF, re-doing the flight many times, but it still seems to be like this. internet is strong. Its normal in the game, but in the replay its levitating.

I have checked the support FAQ and tried all the steps for similar issues, but it doesn’t change.

Is there a solution for this?

It’s an old model. This tends to happen with the ERJ family as well.

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Is there a solution to it?

Not at the moment. The devs will have to do something about it, because obviously, they created it.

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Only one thing to say.


On topic, it’s an ancient model. And it has not been given attention for a while. pls rework if


This is a known issue with certain models in replay mode. It will be addressed as planes get reworked.