F/A 18 Hornet fuel flow

Hey peoples, I’m addressing this to the dev firstly.

The day Global cames out, I was enjoying the Hornet over Amsterdam region and I made a 47 mins flight.

Today, I absolutely can’t make a long like flight and I noticed that the fuel flow goes crazy!

I think that giving to this bird a longer flight time could make it better!

Have a good day :D

Sounds more like a #features request than #support

Yeah I move this to #features

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If you give it a longer flight time than in real life it wouldn’t be realistic anymore. But I agree you can’t fly very long anymore. Maybe try reducing some power.

If you cruise at a more realistic speed instead of three times the speed of sound like most people try to do, you will get much more range out of it.

Of course, but this bird have a pretty nice flight time


Just try to fly it 15 min at 230kts like Swiss Air Force and you’ll see
It’s actually a pretty good challenge to get to cruise altitude

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This so called “feature” request looks like it turned into Operation Chat Request


Never seen any Swiss airforce plane even though I live in Switzerland 😂

Go in Fribourg, from 9AM to 16PM

They pass like every 30 minutes

Provide some data for this aircraft (Range, Fuel Load, etc…) and provide a video of this fuel issue that you noticed then make a feature request.