F/A-18 frame rate loss when looking out of canopy

Samsung SM-X706B “Galaxy Tab S8”
Android 14 - One UI 6.0
Infinite Flight - 23.3.3 (6193) - 0D0ADEB7(? idk what that is sorry)

Dear all,

Unfortunately I’m rocking a paperthin samsung tablet that heats of joy when I fly my favorite jet in game.

While I understand high quality requires high performance (and heat as a result) the hit in fps makes the aircraft un-flyable at times forcing me to disconnect the autopilot.

Old example

Few mins ago

I don’t know if something can be done, let me know if I can help you help me.

I may add I only notice this issue with the Rhino, it’s not linear with graphics settings, aircraft will overcorrect as fps lower and AP disco. around 6fps.

I think the lights inside the cockpit requires more resources to run well. I looked for your device specifications and I’d say it’s not powerful enough I’m afraid.

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I’ll contact the support once holidays are over, ciao

We’ll keep this ticket open for now in case the devs or Sebastian has any input. I’m not so sure anything changed recently with the F18, but there could have been some changes in the backend and background that we don’t know about. The apps infrastructure has undergone a continuing massive rework as part of Project Metal.


I can verify that on my Tab S8 Ultra, the FPS drops from 60 to 30 when switching the view from HUD to CAPTAIN in the F/A-18.
It’s the same for day time and night time.

On the S23 Ultra, with a chipset that’s one gen newer, in the same situation FPS drops just a few frames.

This is due to a combination of the app not being fully optimized for Android, although improvements have been made in that area, and the fact that Android devices just aren’t as powerful as iOS/iPadOS devices.

Somehow the F/A-18 is causing more issues than other aircraft.

And now it gets somewhat strange.
This is the old S10+, which is able to keep 60FPS in the same situation.
It has the Exynos chipset, which is supposed to be less powerful than the Snapdragon chipset.

So different Samsung devices seem to be handling the load differently.


Hello, sorry didn’t see it stayed open.

Yes I forgot to say I do also own a Galaxy S10 with exynos which doesn’t suffer from this.

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