F/A-18 falls through ground

Hello, first of all I just want to say I am aware of the age of the F/A-18 and the problems that causes but I feel like I should point this out nevertheless…

I tried to spawn into a F/A-18 in Singapore and the gear glitched through the ground and it declared me crashed milliseconds after spawning, I tried again with the same result, I cleared the scenery cache and restarted my phone and the same thing continues to happen even at different airports. I tried to spawn in the air and land but upon “touch down” no touch down occurred and once again the gear glitched though the ground.

One other potentially related thing is the first person cockpit camera is now located behind the pilot seat so all you see is the back of the ejection seat. I understand the F/A-18 probably isn’t the highest priority because of it’s age and upcoming rework and maybe something about 22.2 messed the F/A-18 up but I was just making this so a developer is aware.

I’m playing on a iPhone 8 that is running on IOS 15.4 and I haven’t had any problems with IF since is started playing around 2016 to this is new to me lol

Love everything the devs do,
Thanks, W_LL


Yes, we’re aware of this and are investigating the issue right now.
Sorry about the inconvenience!


Okay thank you! Can’t wait for the rework! :)

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This should be OK now. Restart the app if you haven’t done so recently :)

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Just tried it again and it works perfectly! Thanks so much :)

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