F/A-18 Development Update

Hello, aviators.

We have some difficult news to bring you all about the F/A-18 rework. As some of you may know, one of our 3D artists and their team is from Ukraine. In these unprecedented times, their wellbeing and safety are our primary concerns. Since this is the case, we cannot predict how work on the F/A-18 will progress. We do not have, and will not issue an estimate on when the work will resume. That isn’t our focus right now.

We understand this will be disappointing for many. Also in light of this, the EJet rework may come ahead of the F/A-18, and there is a strong chance it too will be delayed for the same reasons.

Thank you for your understanding and our thoughts and hopes for peace continue for our friends in this conflict.

The Infinite Flight Team



I hope there are well though 🤞 that always comes first 🇺🇦


Sad :( I hope they eventually get out of this mess.


Aw man thats so sad, hopefully they are ok and well!!


I hope they’re safe and sound! The game comes second when it comes to any decision regarding life and death. I am convinced the Ukrainians will fight themselves out of this invasion! Slava Ukraini!


Sad to hear to one of the 3D artist. I hope he got out of the border and of course all who are affected in the conflict.


Sad but safety is always the number one concern. I respect Infinite Flight for the decisions they have made with respect to the conflict in Ukraine.


The value of a reworked model is not worth the value of a person. Ever. The safety of individuals who are in close proximity to the conflict site, and those who may not be, is of the utmost priority.

I am praying for the well-being of the Infinite Flight Team located in the area among everyone else. Please give my best, and thank you for sharing. ❤️


A rather small price for us to pay. I’d rather see those team members affected by the Ukraine crisis be safe and healthy. Totally reasonable and understandable. Those folks over there and their families scattered about need our compassion and support more than anything right now! Thanks for the update Jason!


Sad to hear about this, but I know that IF made a good decision regarding the war in Ukraine.

Hope things get better


The personal health and safety of the individual outweigh the time lost on the project. The time spent delayed will always come behind the team’s safety.

Best wishes to all in Ukraine and Russia!


The community will never be disappointed over something like this. A person life is always the most important thing. Take the time you need and we hope to peace in the near future.

Give them the best wishes from all the IF community ❤️


On behalf of the Infinite Flight Community, we are not disappointed at all. We understand, and we will patiently wait. I hope the 3D artists are staying safe and strong in Ukraine.


It’s great to see the transparency in regards to the situation, but not so great to see the situation that is currently unfolding in Ukraine.

The wellbeing of a human being is not even comparable to any desperation of wanting the E-Jet or F/A-18 rework added into the game.

We are all human and we need to stand with, look after, respect and care for each other.

I hope not only the team members in Ukraine, but everyone in Ukraine and everyone affected by the unfolding situation is okay and is safe.

Sending love and prayers from the land down under! 🙏


In the world of aviation, safety always comes first! Thinking of them and their family during this difficult time. 💕


Hope they are safe. Hoping for the end of war asap! Thanks for the update @jasonrosewell


It’s definitely some very unfortunate times for the people of Ukraine and Russia at the moment. I do hope everyone remains safe and must prioritize that over any development or hobby/work related purposes. Thanks for informing everyone of the team’s status, I’m sure everyone will understand the more-than valid reason to this temporary pause.

Sending prayers from here in the UK, I have made a small donation towards the Ukraine Crisis Appeal to help assist those affecfed. ♥️


We have a wonderful community. We’ll be patiently waiting for whenever it will arrive. We hope it all ends soon and we can all fly together again safely.

Stay strong and spirit everyone.


This is very good to see that your going that transparent in to it. And also i am with most of them above me the worth of an reworked F/A18 isn’t that high as Peoples Life. And i also am praying for the Ukrainian People. 🇺🇦


The biggest reward for the community will be the safety of the person in question ❤️