F/A 18 Arrester Hook not working?

For non subscribers, I tried arrester hook landing at Edward Military Base at California, and it seems not working? Is this limited to subscribers?


It’s only availble at certain airports.

Though Infinite Flight doesn’t feature an aircraft carrier, you can still practice your tailhook skills at one of eight airports around the United States. Simply land on the touchdown markers with the tailhook deployed at one of the following airports for a simulated arresting wire stop:

  • KLSV
  • KEDW
  • KNUC
  • KVAD
  • KSSC
  • KNLC
  • KNTU
  • KNPA

Okay thanks.
Also, I did that at KEDW! I will try and see!

Would you mind telling which runways feature that? I’ve tried at KEDW at a few runways without sucess. It could also be because I’m a noob.

You have to land on the touchdown markers for it to catch

It turns out it doesn’t work (or at least it seems so) if you’re too heavy or fast.

Carrier limit is 44,000 lbs IRL. I’d recommend getting under this weight before trying the wires.


That’s what I figured (not that exact weight, thanks for that info).

After a bit of testing, I found out that I was just a noob afterall. Regardless of your weight or speed, the hook works.

You needed testing to figure that out?


Yeah, I’m so noob I didn’t know I’m a noob.


What does that look like?

What’s labelled as ‘Aiming Point’ on this image. You wanna hit that at around -800 V/S on a typical carrier landing.


i got it to work at 400 ias at knuc

You also have to land in the toch down zone +/- 100m if I’m correct

I got it to work at KNUC bug you can’t see the wire and it does not appear to catch bug you slow down instantly

I don’t believe the wire is actually modeled in game

Thanks for this, I didn’t realise.
I wish there was a mini description under these airports saying “tail-hook” or something regarding the hook. Would be helpful for pilots who don’t access IFC

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I have landed on -28fpm in the f18, perfect touchdown zone.

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Nice it took me awhile to even get it to work lol