F-4 Phantom

With the F-14, F-16, and F-22, it seems that their is a trend of having American Powerhouse fighter jets with the exception of the F-15. It would be great to see the addition of the F-4 Phantom, as it was once the primary fighter of the US Military, while allowing multiple liveries to be added from different air forces; with countries such as Turkey, Japan, Iran, Germany, and even Great Britain.


Cool! One of my favorite jets. If I had enough money to buy it, I definitely would along with the f-5 in aggressor camouflage.

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I could fly this one while listening “Fortunate Son”.

I’m 90% sure the dev team has completely forgot that military aircraft even exist in game and real life. They neglect military aircraft, and don’t even answer why they don’t add anymore. F-4E Phantom is my favorite American fighter. That’s a really good idea. But my heart will always stay true to the Su-35

Simple answer: people like airliners more than military aircraft.