F-35 vs F-15x the show down. (An Op ed)

Greetings military aviation fans of the community. The UASF is in my opinion starting to cut it’s loss on the F-35 program. Sorry not sorry but for my talx dollars all funds should go into the combat proven and trusted /undefeated F-15.

A showdown on Capital Hill has already begun with plenty of push for the F-35 over the F-15X.

My opinion as well, facts don’t care about feelings. Its hard to hold up and support a program that has yet to deliever contracts reflect back to the F-22 program.

I think the Chief of Staff of the Air Force said what needed to be said and I stand by him on it not just as a subordinate but as an Airmen. He was a combat pilot definitely has room and then some to testify to the F-15s capabilities over the F-35. You can read the whole story below.

So where do you stand, F-35 or F-15X? Keep discussion professional and civil please. Thank you in advance.

Enjoy the read and cheers IFC!


F15 cause it’s More Mercian then the 35


Lol I’ll toast that, also imho I don’t think there is a purpose for it in the inventory. It will surely not replace the A-10 as it was intended for. I’d say pocket it as an export and use funding to revive the F-15s and 16s in our fleet.


Nah. F22 is bae. Sorry. Hands down. I drool everytime. 🤤


Too true, sad we never finished that contract. Then Tyndall happened and that fleet got less again 😞. F-22 just brings the title of air superiority to the fleet.

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My favorite is the F-14D. I know its not on the list, but I like it because of its speed (Mach 2.5+), its looks, and its weapon capabilities.

I just hate that there’s only one F-14 squadron left!

It was a powerhouse in its prime. The Hornets did well stepping into their role. So I talke full solice in knowing the F-14 served the Naval air power well over her years.


I’d give it all to get myself a Raptor/Lightning slot. But first, better start off with an F-15.

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Well you have a point. When the 22 program was anounced alot of Eagle drivers offered to test her out under the YF-22 program.


I would love to see the 15s make their way back. They’re one hell of a fighter and I do miss the sounds of them. The guys who fly it really loved it, why try to retire something when you can make it better?

Yea. If I have 24 bombs/missiles on me, I’d be quite fine.

(To add on, need to get over this kinda small autism problem and get myself in shape to handle G’s if I were to fly. But it’s one of my plans)

I think the F-15X is that revival. I know a while back they tested a stealth model. Id have to dig up the article. Like I said just because something is new and shiney like the F-35 does in no way shape or form make it better. This lesson has been proven through exercises and training.

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All things are possible Nate, Id be honored to see you with a squadron in the future hopefully I’ll at least be MSgt by then lol. You can do it man set goals and hit the mark you want.


Typhoon takes the crown. There job done!

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Don’t have to convince me of that for arguments sake lol. Should fly circles around the “tempest” and RAF-35. 😎

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Isn’t the F35 more stealthy Than* the F15

Depends on the source really. There are claims that the Russian Federation’s SA-400 complex/Radar has attained capability to track/uncover the F-35 but honestly you have to take it with a grain of salt. This is other question that has to be answered and that is which aircraft will best prepare us for tomorrows fight. We have seen the F-15 deliver but can it out match emerging air defense systems like it did with the legacy systems. Again time will tell. But for sure to maintain air dominance you have to be uncontested.


Here is a good scenario from an article out of the Air Force times

While Turkey is an Ally there is significant concern over unintended leaked counter intelligence for the F-35s hindrances. Again this not 100% proven nor should be taken as fact.

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