F-35 in Infinite Flight

What would you guys think about the addition of the F-35 in Infinite Flight? All three versions could be in game including the vtol one! Do you guys want the vtol F-35 in game or is it just me? Maybe there could be special parking stands at each airport for vertical take off and landing!


That would be cool

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Incoming F-35 haters…


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Rules of engagement prevent us from attacking until they attack first!

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Not interested in military jets. I only like the f-14 because it is powerful.


I’d love itt!!

I think the F-35 is a nice weapons system, but I can’t imagine the mess VTOL would create in IF live. We have enough trouble keeping people flying safe as it is. However, I do hope that VTOL is on the list for expansion of IF.

If IF goes the VTOL direction, I would rather see rotorcraft or tilt-rotor before a STOVL F-35. The F-35 is just way too automated for my liking. I bet the sim version wouldn’t be as much fun as it sounds.

One of the few planes that I don’t really care about at all. If it gets added - cool, new content is always nice. But I’d rather see something else from the classic aviation eras instead, and something from countries other than United States.

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Engines are underpowered and small, The aircraft is very heavy and the wings are waaay to small. Although the VTOL is kind of cool.

I’d take an F-22 over an F-35 anyday.


I’m not a “F-35 hater” but I have a question, why do you want american fighter jets only ?

There are F-14, F-16, F-22…Where are russians and europeans fighter jets ?


I don’t. I want the Panavia Tornado GR4, Eutofighter Typhoon, BAE Hawk etc.


If we have VTOL we should still need to taxi to a runway to do it. If we don’t we get a violation.

If it’s just for VTOL capabilities, i prefer the Harrier ;)


The Harrier Jumpjet is a legend of aviation! Although the majority of people on this forum are American, so sadly I don’t see any non-American fighter jets being put in the game.

Actually F35 are going into production because the f22 cost 400,000,000. With the military budget we could only buy 1700 F-22s. We have not very many F-22s. The F-35 is cheaper and is alo stealth.

But the devs are french, if they want, They can add french fighter jets only to irritate 95% of the IF’s community :D

But you’re right, US planes are more sellers, that is the problem…


Yeah but you pay for quality. The F-35 is not that good but is cheap. F-22 is spectacular but us expensive.

Let’s start a campaign! 😀

American Fighter aircraft have become overly sophisticated, are routinely designed as multi-role variant types, expensive to operate are maintenance nightmares they carry a long logistics tail. None of them get my attention. I agree with the few here who champion the inclusion of “Foreign” designs.
Particularly the cheap single role interceptor version that sweep the battle field and establish air superiority on the cheap for men and machines. Max Sends