F-22 wouldn't pull up

Last night when I was flying the F-22 the planes would would not pull up. I tried to calibrate but nothing happened. Not sure if this was a bug or I was doing something wrong, if someone could help me that would be great!

Flaps: full
Trim: 100%
Wind: 2kt
Air speed: 140-150kt
Gear: down
Airport: landing on 26 at L08 in Southern California

What speed did you try to pull up at?

Trim 100% is the problem I’m pretty sure


The reason I put the trim to 100% was because the plane wouldn’t pull up.

Trim won’t solve your problem unless it’s negative.

Ok I’ll keep that in mind next time.

Yes thats a problem…

May sound stupid but… Did you have your altitude or VS set? Sometimes you don’t realize that they are.

There is no AP on the F-22


Good point. Now it sounds really stupid😂


Too slow I think? What was you throttle on?

Not sure (filler)

could be a high speed stall…

That was tons of months ago


Trim issue.

And if using FULL FLAP, better maintain airspeed at 160knots++