F-22 video music choice

Hello everyone.

Bit of a strange request here. I’m looking at making a video for the F-22 to show its capabilities. What music would you recommend for this?

I’d look up airshows on YouTube and check out some of the music they use. You’ll also be amazed by the performances 🙃

I made one for the f22 myself and I used dream in by Aerosmith, it’s like a bada** plane so it needs some bada** Music to go with it. Maybe like
-bleeding out by imagine dragons (really good)
-centuries by fallout boy
-believer by imagine dragons
-Renegades by xambassadors
-hey child by xambassadors
That’s all I got for you but I hope it turn out well!

Most of these from the current F-22 Raptor Demo Team’s playlist seem worthy of a feature in my opinion. Hope I helped! 😉

Oh, if you’re looking to show off it’s capabilities, I’d highly recommend flying the demo profile. It’s doable with a lot of practice 🤙🏻

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