F-22 to the Most Remote Island in the World - Bouvet Island

Tonight I had some fun on the casual server in the F-22. I took off from AT16 – Neumayer Station Skiway and ventured to Bouvet Island.

Bouvet Island is a dependency of Norway and is literally the most remote island in the world. It is 1,100 miles from Antarctica, 1,200 miles east of the Sandwich Islands, almost 1,000 miles south of Gough Island and about 1,600 miles away from South Africa.

Here is some perspective. The island is inside that awesome red circle below:

It took me about an hour as well as a re-fuel in the ocean (reminder - casual server) to get to the island. Here I am approaching:

Once I got there, I decided to go vertical to get a better perspective:

There really isn’t much else to do here, so why not go for landing on this un-inhabited island consisting mostly of a glacier? Of course I played with the time settings and grabbed a moonshot of my landing from the replay:

There is something beautiful about the F-22 silhouette. Hopefully some day it will get a re-work and become even more picturesque:

I then did a realistic takeoff from the islands non-existent airport, re-adjusted the time settings and waved goodbye before ending my session:

I love visiting places like this in Infinite Flight. I will never see islands like this in real life. I find it fun to find the tiny dots on the Infinite Flight World Map and go for it. Because, why not?!? I hope you enjoyed learning and seeing more about Bouvet Island. Have you ever heard of this place before this post? Curious to know.


You’re crazy. Amazing job on getting there.

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Well there are a lot of remote islands in the world. The Pacific Ocean has more than 25,000 islands between Hawaii and Asia

That second moonshot tho…🙆‍♂️