F-22 tires get inside the ground? (SOLVED) (PLEASE CLOSED

Sometime, when I try to taxi to the runway or when I land my F-22, my tires seem to get stuck on the ground.

Can you provide me a screenshot?

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Try to

  • Clear Scenery Cache;
  • Re-open the app;
  • Reboot your phone/tablet;
  • Re-install Infinite Flight;

That won’t help.

Have you tried all of those?

The tires seem to get stuck only if you land too hard

We were under the impression you spawned like that which is what prompted the responses.

If you land too hard you basically crashed but it has not registered the crash.

To you land ok and when you taxi the wheels get stuck? Or are the wheels stuck from the moment of touchdown?


If you spawn in, try another gate…
If you land and get your tyres stuck in the ground, land smoother


Yasterday, I crashed into mountain with my F-22 and it didn’t register a crash, it just bounce off and I instantly recovered from it and I landed on KRZY

So getting back to your original question, are the wheels stuck the moment you land or are you taxing and then they get stuck at a certain spot?

It happens when I land too hard or I taxi then I rudder the plane

then it is not an error if you land with a high speed

If it happens while taxiing and then falling then clearing the scenery cache and/or reinstalling will help.

The issue of landing too hard is known and happens with other planes as well if you crash too hard.

I can see quite a few people don’t understand what’s happening.

This is a thing which has been around for a long time in Infinite Flight. If you land too hard, your gear ‘collapses’ as in it falls to the ground.
As for the taxing issue, if you taxi too fast, you rudder too hard, and when you rudder too hard your gear falls into the ground due to the weight imbalance.

No reinstall is required, no scenery needs to be cached and no restarting the device.

@Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel this happens to the best of us, the F-22 can be difficult on landing but I give you this message, practice and you will soon land the F-22 incredibly softly and no gear will go in the ground. And don’t taxi too fast and you won’t need to hard rudder.