F-22 Supermaneuverablity: Cobra Maneuver

Hello all! I made this topic because I wanted to learn how to do the Cobra maneuver in the F-22, but I don’t know how too. I’ve seen the video @Nate_Schneller has made on this topic, but it didn’t show how to do this specific maneuver. There are some others made by people who aren’t on the community, but still, no tutorial. Can anyone explain how to do it?

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dies a little inside

Personally, I have tried but failed. Mostly just crashed, I can’t really help you. I bet our good friend @DeltaMD88Fan could give us some help.


@Nate_Schneller is your man for this. He’s an absolute legend in the raptor

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Yea Nate is the MVP. He can teach anyone how to “go Russian” in the F-22


I think this is it.

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