F-22 Speeds above FL400 Expert Server

Just a general question,

Above FL400 would I be able to go any speed in a F-22 on Expert Server without worrying about a speed violation or is there still restrictions? I’m currently at FL420 but maintaining a proper speed but would love to go faster.

you can go as fast as you can but do not get into the red zone on the speedometer

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Thank you!

Yep, I’d say if you’re out of ATC Airspace or at a high altitude as said, you’re clear, just don’t interfere with other aircraft and you won’t be a problem for ATC.


Got it thanks! :)

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Raptors don’t have Red Zones. Unless you send it to space.


ahh ok my bad. Didnt know that

The red zone you enter super sonic speeds. Then you get get sonic booms.

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Theres sonic booms in infinite flight?

No there’s not. It would be cool though.

That’s not really supersonic. On airliners that’s usually above 350kts or M0.87 at cruise.

You can go in the side view then go super fast and there would be a bit of a boom when it goes by.

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I’m talking faster speeds.

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